… or better said public toy-projects.

LumberJaczk - On-top-of-Web applications LumberJaczk

An open-source technology that enables better ways to get and use information on the Web. It let people run and create light-weight on-top-of-Web applications and share them with others.
LumberJaczk is built on Firefox browser and feature rich Mozilla code-base.
In May 2007, the project was acquired by Lixto software GmbH.


Feature rich XPath generator, editor, inspector, and simple web extraction tool. XPather is a Firefox extension.


A Ruby library for dead-easy manipulation with crontab.

Rhotoalbum (contributor)

A simple but powerful photo album generator that works with directories and files. No database. Ruby. Command line.
The author of this project is Ondrej Jaura. Me be just a humble contributor.