Secure/hidden browsing:

  1. Make tunnel out of your location to ‘trusted’ server
    ssh -ND 9051 mytrustedhost
  2. In browser set to manual proxy and configure SOCKS to localhost:9051

Anonymous browsing:
Install TOR

Connection management:
Install FoxyProxy FF extension
You can use TOR, tunnel, no-proxy (make sure you use different port for TOR and ‘tunnel’). You define patterns when to use what, e.g. localhost, intranet no proxy, elsewhere tunnel. It also proxies DNS requests!!!


I have Wacom Intuos3 tablet. I enjoy it. Works very good even on Ubuntu Linux. Just …the buttons and touchstrip is a bit unusable :( But, there was a major inssue. Since I started using the tablet I could not control gimp with mouse/touchpad anymore. Solution: disable mouse/touchpad in extended devices preferences dialog.

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