XPather 1.4 on Firefox 3

XPather What to say. I made Firefox 3 compatibility update of XPather. Go, and get it from XPather’s site or soon also from AMO. Bye.

Oh yes, since FF 3 beta 4, the DOMinspector is not anymore distributed with FF. You need to install it as a separate extension.

Oh, XPather has always been just a small development-utility toy-project, though it helps (a lot?). Anyway, the facts are inspiring: 2,5 year old; 58000 downloads; very positive feedback; $7 donations (+5 empty promises); $27 adsense. The mission: contribution to public successful. Isn’t it? ;)

2 thoughts on “XPather 1.4 on Firefox 3”

  1. Hey! This tool is really great. I’m using it while developing WebDriver tests. Do you have any plans to support FX 3.5?

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