Acquisition of LumberJaczk Technologies

LumberJaczkIn Summer 2005 I started few home-made experiments with workflows for governing complex processes – such as system integration on Web layer. I did this as a part of my PhD activities. The main motivation had been my deep disappointment with all the “enterprisy” workflow systems bull**** laying around. I needed something very dynamic, light-weight and portable. I needed a hammer !

I engaged with Mozilla platform and built a workflow engine on top of this unbelievably feature-rich and mature open-source technology. This platform, surprisingly, allowed for much more. So I added libraries for Web navigation, information extraction, rich GUI, etc.

At the end of the day, there it was: a system for development and execution of full-fledged personalized on-top-Web applications. Users could create and share their own scenarios, own personal agents for searching best cars, checking back account, performing complex transactions on portals, or making any mashups crimes. You can learn more about it on the LumberJaczk homepage. From the very beginning the system was meant to be open-source as it really fits the model.

In mids 2006 a wave of strong interest arouse from commercial segments. Unfortunately this interest clashed with the open-source strategy.

Lixto Software GmbH.May 2007 – The end of the story (or beginning of another one). Lixto Software GmbH acquires the LumberJaczk technologies. Lixto is at the moment one of the market-leaders in the field of Information Extraction and a solution provider for Online Market Intelligence, Web Process Integration and Metasearch. Openly, the current plan of the company is to keep the source closed.

I hope interesting things will happen!

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