On-top-of-Web Applications’ Address: lumberjaczk.org

Two weeks ago I announced the new project – the LumberJaczk. There I described it as: LumberJaczk - On-top-of-Web applications

An open-source technology that enables better ways to get and use information on the Web. It let people run and create light-weight on-top-of-Web applications and share them with others. Hacking out your own “best flights search”, “personal investments monitor” will be fun to do.

Since yesterdays late night, the LumberJaczk has its official Web running public at:

Besides the “obligatory” project information the site features few use-cases and screencasts showing the LumberJaczk in action. To keep you informed of what’s going on next subscribe to the project news RSS feed, or join/browse the project mailing list. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys :)

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