New Applications on Top of the Web – LumberJaczk is coming.

I’m really looking forward to announce my project I’ve been running since the last summer. And it’s about to happen soon, really soon :). Its mission has crystallized to be: New LumberJaczk Project

An open-source technology that enables better ways to get and use information on the Web. Let people create light-weight on-top-of-Web applications of their own and share them with others.

Hacking out such use-cases like “best flights search”, “personal investments monitor” will be fun to create. At least for me it definitely is :) All based on Firefox browser and it’s Mozilla guts. BTW, the project name: LumberJaczk.

So where are we now?
The system has already been functional and ready to use in alpha version for some time. What keeps me busy right now, more than I expected, is preparation of all sorts of presentational stuff to communicate the project to public clearly and concisely. Presentations, screen-casts, docs are ready and the web page is in progress. My estimations are the first come-out of the Web is to happen the next Mon, May 21 at So check back, subscribe or whatever… I’m looking forward to hearing some feedback once it’s out. After that another big thing is to make a code due-diligence so the code release can follow soon.

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