How is the XPather doing?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me how is my XPather doing (for those who do not know it, XPather is a Firefox browser extension that generates XPath of DOM elements either directly from the browser or while inspecting the DOM in DOMInspector. Further, it evaluates XPaths, works with relative XPaths, extend filtration by regexps and allows for simple content extraction.)

So the friend picked my brain for some stats like downloads, user-base, support, new plans … To be honest, he surprised me. I was pretty busy for the last few months so ehm… I didn’t really know somehow. Right that evening I took a look into it and found out the following:
The XPather is now in its 7th month since the first release hosted on and on its project home The number of downloads hits 10500 this week. It would be also very nice to see how many active users are out there. The first approximation here could be to have an average count of daily update requests. Although many users has automatic updating turned off, while others are just “quasi-users” that just installed the extension (like 10000 other extensions they tried out) but have never used it. The only numbers I can get is from the XPather homepage: 35% of the downloaded installations are still active. Would be nice to get such statistics from As for user feedback and comments, I have to admit I expected a bit more :) Anyway. It was a nice finding, after all, the people are still pretty interested in data extraction, screen-scraping, greasemonkey scripting etc. Personally, I still use the tool for quick hacking of web pages or when I work with XML.

And for the plans ? Well, I consider the project to be in maintenance mode as I focus completely to a new project called LumberJaczk. But still, if you people have some features you’d like to see in the XPather, or find some bugs, let me know. I’m here to fix it.

2 thoughts on “How is the XPather doing?”

  1. Would be an awesome addition or additional extension to pass the current Xpath on the current page to either RIP or yaRIP :)

  2. Sure sure. An integration with firebug would be helpful as well.
    I’m rather busy atm :( Any contributor is very welcome!

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